GxG, Dating Sim/Visual Novel/Point and Click, Fantasy

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Ankora the Love Demon is tired of living underground in the shadows of her successful siblings, so she's decided to move up in the world and get an apartment in the Coral Sea Vivariums, an underwater series of domes populated by creatures of all kinds. She has a limited amount of time to prove she's able to make it on her own, but more importantly, there are HOT SINGLE WOMEN all over town and she wants to make her presence (and availability) known to them. Can she adjust to a new place and find love before time is up?!

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Spring  2024

Still in development by a small team! Full game estimated to be a few hours long if you play multiple routes. An R18 patch will be optionally available. The base game will contain PG13 humor and language.

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  • Four different women to pursue!
  • Over 30 CGs to collect!
  • A lively town to explore with something different happening everyday!
  • A beautiful original soundtrack by jaxcheese and hazel!
  • New outfits and hairstyles to unlock for Ankora!
  • Glossary with explanations of terms, locations, and characters!
  • Optional R18 patch!

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Developer: lovelandisle
Music: jaxcheese
Music & Writing Consultation: hazel
Logo: adirosa
Publisher: Bellhouse

Studio Élan
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withpygame, Ren'Py, SDL
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, girls-love, Lesbian, LGBT, Point & Click, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Can somone update me when the full game is released i absolutley loved this and i can tell somone has poured their soal into making it <3 whats the estimated price for the finished game and also run time?


i feel ashamed bc i had to look up what the three sizes were and now I get what guinevere was taking about god this game bro

In the beachside church, when I clicked the red highlighted text thing to get more info about the apparition, during on characters dialogue and then I like clicked away fast or something, or pressed something quick the dialogue ended, but the information about the apparition was overlayed over the games Background and also persisted in other scenes.

(quitting and reloading a safe with the issue already present didn't change anything) you can easily get rid of it by entering another dialogue and then you can close it with the x though.

oh i tryed hitting the x and it didnt work

will this have blind accessibility?


We love women here!

lovely game, all the characters are adorable and cute!


Really enjoyed the demo! The characters are absolutely fantastic. Just wondering, will the full game be available for free? 


Sorry, the full game will cost money! I've poured a lot of my own time and finances into this project!


when will the game be fully released? Im dyng to know!! Im just so excited fo the whole release of this game, its funny and cute! I really enjoyed playing the demo! Much love! -Th3Pr0t0typ3 <333


I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I'm aiming to get it out at the start of April!! Thank you so much for playing! <3

Great! I'm so ready for the full game! The art style is very cute and adorable at the same time! I love all of the characters outfits and hairstyles, their fashion just matches the characters persona!! I LOVE it all!!! Much love and support! -Th3Pr0t0typ3 <33333

Is the 18+ patch something for the future? Because I can't find it


That’ll be for the full game!




the art and writing are so cute! I immediately fell in love with bastyllias but then I found sandy crying in an alley about her shit job and instantly fell in love like damn. also a ramune themed mermaid is the cutest goddamned thing ive ever seen.


I randomly stumbled upon this gem and let me tell u i was absolutely blown away and just simply in love with all of it!! The art is so stunning and the character designs are top tier I LOVE ALL OF THEM THEY'RE ALL SO ASDFASDF SLAY GAHHHh I MIGHT EXPLODE. Anyways, the music fits super well and the writing is humorous and witty! *chefs kiss*

I played through this demo a few times and ran into some very minor bugs that I thought would be helpful to let the devs know:

1. After using the "Skip" feature on dialogue, it continues to fast forward and skip dialogue until after interacting with at least one other thing.

- How to recreate the bug: Press "skip" > try to interact with anything 

2. When pressing on words highlighted in red in the dialogue, the photo of the glossary does not fit and the text covers almost the entire screen, and there is no way to exit it, so the game must be restarted.

- How to recreate the bug: Go to the church where Bastyllias is > talk to the NPC with green pigtails > click on the word "Apparition"

I'm not sure if that second bug is a screen resolution thing but everything else in the game works perfectly fine (13 inch M1 mac)

Also, I'm probably just bad but I could not find Guinevere *sobs* I really want to see her story! How do i find her? does it have anything to do with the ghost chickens?

Overall, I love this game so far and i can't wait for the full version! Super excited to see more and yall did a fantastic job!! BASTYLLIAS SWEEP


Thank you so much for your comments and your detailed bug reports! The highlighted words bug was indeed an issue and it got fixed in the latest update, so please give the game an update if you haven't already! :D

The skip issue can be fixed by hitting tab when you wish to stop skipping!

Here's my hint for Guinevere: five chickens!


i played through it again and it all works! and this time i found Guinevere shes so silly i love love loveee her design sm i think she is my fav o.o 

Keep up the great work!


bastyllias sweep